For those who like unusual games
Simple graphics
Difficult game

Fan Gun Enigma is a puzzle based on shooting, explosions and destruction

How to play

You need to understand the order of destruction of targets.

Time stops when the shells run out or all the soldiers are destroyed.

You need to destroy valuable items before you destroy the last soldier.

For three barrels you need to destroy all soldiers and all valuable items.

You can earn coins at the bonus level. Or destroy all the soldiers and go to the next location. You can return to the bonus level at any time.

Why it will be difficult

A lot of combinations.
There are more targets than projectile.
You need to use objects and mechanisms.
Goals are moving.
All items are destroyed.
Objects interact with each other.

You solve a logical problem using events, not objects.

What will help

You can spend the coins you receive on hints, extra shots, special projectiles, and fuel purchases.
Use preview. If you touch the screen after the shot, you can control the camera. When you click on an item, a quick reference appears.

Everything is fair in the game. Use hints.
They will show you how to complete the level.

The game has gift generators and much more. What you will have to deal with.